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how do we make music videos ? faq

Our goal is to help independent artists in Melbourne create music videos to reflect their music and personality. We have mastered a process to go from simple ideas to professional-looking Music videos that include performance and storytelling. The idea of this page is to respond to some of the most common questions artists have about how we work. For more specific questions please contact us     

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The first step is to listen to the song and propose ideas. Depending on the interests of the music artist we can work off their idea/s or  propose our own for the music video. Oftentimes, the artist has an image in their heads when they write the song. Our job, is to team up and make that image a story that we can reflect in the music video.

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After agreeing on an idea for the music video we will create a mood board to project the visual concept of the new music video. By using images and video we make sure we are all on the same page about all the visual elements of the music video. This is a crucial part of the creative process where we all propose and discuss feasible ideas, elements and tropes that should work well for the concept. We encourage the music artists to get involve.


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By this stage, the performance and the story of the new music video are set in place. We organize and prepare everything that will be needed for the music video. This includes locations, dancers, actors , extras, cars, etc.  The objective is to make sure we are ready to make the best of the shooting days.

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The production stage usually takes 1 or 2 days of shooting, depending on the location and specifications of the music video. At this time we will take care of all the equipment necessary to film and organize the elements that are necessary to get to the best result. We will also take awsome photos during the production so we have material to promote the final music video

shooting days

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After the shooting is done we will  we start working on the editing process. This stage can take up to 6 weeks. During these weeks we will be sending drafts of the music video. The last part of the process would be to finalize the color grading and simple effects to make sure your video has the best quality possible

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If you have any more doubts. We are happy to answer them in a call, video call, or face-to-face meeting. You just have get in contact as the first step. We are always exited to talk to new music artists.

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