A Simple but professional Music Video 


  • All necessities to create a cool Music Video.

  • Half a Day of Production with a basic crew. (5hrs)

(or a full day of Production of only Max of MaxFilm = 10hrs)

  • Shooting with professional camera equipment, 
    heavy duty lighting, gels, filters, accessories, etc.

  • Shooting and Output as a High Quality 4K Video.
    (up to the quality of standard on the MaxFilm website)

  • Release on the MaxFilm Youtube channel.



A Music video with all Essential elements,

as well as many extras to create something special. 

  • Full Day of Video Production. (10hrs)

  • A crew of a Director/Cinematographer, Assistant Director, Gaffer, On-Set Photographer (see more below), On-Set BTS Videographer
    (see more below) & more assistants if required.

  • Pro Model/Dancer/Actress included for the day (valued @ $500)

  • Hair-dresser/Makeup Artist included (valued @ $500)

  • May be shot as 2x Half Days of Production (2x 5hrs)

  • Shooting on the Blackmagic 6K Cinema Camera

  • Photographer on set to shoot portraits and scene set photos.
    Will deliver 50 high quality edited photos (valued @ $250)

  • BTS Videographer will create a 5-min behind-the-scenes short documentary about the making of the Music Video. (valued @ $500)

  • Option to release the Music Video exclusively at artist/client's chosen output location (e.g. Website / YouTube etc)

  • Raw Footage archived for a minimum of one year.




A production taken to the Max!Top level elements for an exquisite Music Video


  • Two  Full Days of Video Production (2x 10hrs)

  • A crew of a Director AND Cinematographer, Assistant Director,  Gaffer, On-Set Photographer, On-Set BTS Videographer, Music Artist Personal Assistant & more assistants if required. 

  • 2x Pro Models/Dancers/Actresses included (valued @ $2,000)

  • AirBnB or Venue Booking Included up to the value of $500.

  • Photographer on set to shoot portraits and scene set photos.
    Will deliver 150 high quality edited photos (valued @ $400)

  • BTS Videographer will create a 10-min behind-the-scenes short documentary about the making of the Music Video. (valued @ $750)

  • Guarantee of Satisfaction. If music artist/client is not satisfied with material shot on production; we will shoot more at our own expense.

  • 6K Shooting and 6K Video Output. 

  • Raw Footage archived for a minimum of two years.




  • Video OR Photography. 

  • Raw Footage provided.

  • Essential Editing

  • Close to Melbourne City; otherwise a travel fee will be incurred.

  • Quality up to the standard seen on the MaxFilm website.

$150 per hour


  • 2hr Photoshoot Session

  • 30 Edited Photographs

  • A change of outfit and background

  • Shot at the MaxFilm Studio

  • Edited photos can be picked by Max or selected from all of the low-res unedited photos.



  • Full Day of Video Production

  • An arsenal of expensive camera equipment and lighting used for the day.

  • A package to shoot for business, Wedding or documentary videos.

  • A production assistant may be on set to help with lighting and/or sound.


lets talk about your project

We are open to all visions and concepts. If your ideas do not happen to completely fit into one of the aforementioned packages then just get in touch with us and we´ll work it out over a friendly discussion.

Terms and conditions


1.1. 50% deposit due prior to production. 

1.2. 50% balance due prior to the final release of the finished video/photos.

1.3 MaxFilm reserves the right to change packages and rates. The package deals llsted here are confirmed only once the deposit payment is made.

1.4. No refunds if terms of service are broken (see liability).

1.5. Requests outside of the specified package outlines must be discussed & billed separately. 

1.6 Overdue payments may incur a late fee.


2.1. IP Copyright will be transferred only upon full & final project payment.

2.2. MaxFilm retains a universal unlimited license of all materials for promotional purposes. This includes across social media &


3.1. Samples of MaxFilm's work is easily accessible & therefore an understanding of style is assumed.

3.2. MaxFilm retains no liability other than that which is expressly outlined in outlined packages.

3.3. MaxFilm reserves the right to not work with clients who cause any damage to the personhood, equipment, services or reputation of MaxFilm.